The Most Exciting LGBTQ Movies Of 2021 You Can’t Afford To Miss

From lusty dramedies to eye-opening docs, these LGBTQ movies forthcoming queer films are worth tracking down.

Representation matters, and that’s why stories about people from all over the queer spectrum will appear in several movies this year. There’s an emotional drama about Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci as longtime lovers on a road trip. There’s also a provocative film based on a true story about a nun who has an affair with another woman. And look out for documentaries on queer rocker Little Richard, trans jazz musician Billy Tipton, trans opera star Lucia Lucas, and gay dance icon Alvin Ailey, among others.

Below, read up on 7 of the most highly anticipated LGBTQ movies of 2021. Release dates are to be announced unless otherwise noted.

Breaking Fast

In this romantic comedy written and directed by Mike Mosallam, a white American named Kal (Michael Cassidy) and a Lebanese-American named Mo (Haaz Sleiman) fall in love in West Hollywood and learn to adjust to their cultural differences. Their courtship begins during Ramadan, a Muslim tradition of fasting and abstaining from sex for a month.


After being threatened by a thug, a seductive transgender entertainer named Nomi (Nomi Ruiz) is rescued by a retired Muay Thai fighter named Nick (Nick Sasso, who also directed this action drama). The two go on the run together and become close.


Get your tissues ready for writer-director Harry Macqueen’s tear-jerking drama about longtime partners Tusker (Stanley Tucci) and Sam (Colin Firth), who go on a road trip across England after Tusker is diagnosed with early onset dementia.

The Capote Tapes

Directed by Ebs Burnough, this documentary about celebrated gay author Truman Capote uses narration from uncovered tapes of interviews that The Paris Review co-founder George Plimpton conducted with Capote’s friends and associates after his 1984 death from liver disease.

Two of Us

This French-language dramedy is France’s official 2021 Academy Awards selection for Best International Feature Film. The movie is a love story between two closeted senior citizens and neighbors — Nina (Barbara Sukowa) and Madeleine (Martine Chevallier) — whose long-term relationship is disrupted when an unexpected event threatens to tear them apart. It’s the feature-film directorial debut from Filippo Meneghetti.


In this Tribeca Film Festival award-winning drama from director Ann Kerrigan, Troy (Steve Zahn) and his trans son Joe (Sasha Knight) hide out in the Montana wilderness together after Troy’s estranged wife Sally (Jillian Bell) refuses to accept Joe’s trans identity.

The World to Come

In 1850s Schoharie County, New York, two farmers’ wives — Abigail (Katherine Waterston) and Tallie (Vanessa Kirby) — have a romance with each other while unhappily married to their husbands. Bleecker Street will release the Mona Fastvold-directed movie, which has made the rounds at film festivals such as Venice and Sundance.

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