The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Hero And Challenges Of Normal Life

The falcon and the winter soldier bring new aspects of the hero’s life that haven’t been mentioned before. So, what are they? Let’s check out!

This isn’t the falcon and the winter soldier review but the writer’s personal feeling about this show and its great values.

Sam’s life and the consequence after finger snapping

Have you ever wonder what the hero do to earn money for life? With the falcon and the winter soldier, you will have the answer to this question. It turns out, majority of hero income comes from donations of citizen and government working contracts. This helps a lot for the hero and their family to pay for life and ensure the hero leads an all-out saving the world. But, it only happens if the hero still alive, when they die, government subsidies will also stop.

In Sam’s situation, after his death of Thanos’s finger-snapping, his sister has to face a very terrible financial problem, she even can’t ask for a bank loan with her brother’s reputation.

Bucky sense of guilt and psychological trauma

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While Sam is trying to help his family, Bucky is struggling to cope with everything he has done in the past. He is currently acquitted for help in defeating Thanos but has to take the psychological treatment of Dr. Raynor. For a person who nearly a century knew violence, killing, those guilty feeling gradually appeared to haunt in each of his dreams.

Falcon and impressive battle scene

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Falcon is a character who has quite a bit of land to show when appearing with the other members of the Avengers. But thanks to his own series, audiences can see how versatile he and his wings are capable of fighting. The wings not only help Sam fly but can transform into a shield. Even, it also added a drone that can use lasers, automatic guns to create a pincer position to press the enemy.

The mysterious leader of Flagsmashers

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The main villains of this series are Flagsmashers, who believe the finger-snapping of Thanos is justice and believe that a world without any border is the modern world. In the comic, this terrorist group is Captain America’s lifelong enemy, led by Karl Morgenthau, the son of a Swiss banker. In the falcon and the winter soldier, Karli Morgenthau, isn’t the final mastermind. Details in the series showed that a mysterious character with the superpower defeated Agent Torres is the one who has been behind everything.

The falcon and the winter soldier Captain America

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After all the events of Endgame, Sam handed over Captain America’s shield to the government. Unexpectedly, the government utilized the shield to create a new Captain for serving their political purposes.

What do you think about the falcon and the winter soldier? Do you think this series worth watching?

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