Top 8 best Bollywood movie series to watch at least once in life

Bollywood movies have always cherished and depicted romance like no other industry. Here’s a list of Top 8 best Bollywood movie series to watch. Keep reading!

Selection Day

Even though cricket is extremely popular in India, Bollywood films based on the sport didn’t seem attractive enough to the audience for some reason. Yes, there are exceptions like Lagaan and Iqbal which impressed many, but overall the response to films based on this sport is rather underwhelming.

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Selection Day is an Indian Netflix Original Sports web television series, based on Aravind Adiga’s 2016 novel of the same name. The series follows the life of two brothers. Radha and Manjunath are two brothers who have been trained by their father to become the next great pair of cricket batsmen. After toying with the bowling attacks of their local village teams, their father decides it is time for them to move to Mumbai and hope to be selected to play in domestic leagues in the upcoming selection season. This is a definite must have in your Bollywood top movie series IMDB.

Stories by Rabindranath Tagore

This film will be well remembered as one of the highest grossing bollywood movie series of all time. Stories by Rabindranath Tagore is a 2015 Indian Hindi television series which aired on the EPIC channel. It is directed by Anurag Basu.

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Set in Bengal of the 1920s, the show is a representation of the classic short stories by the Bengali writer and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. In his literary work, Tagore focused on relationships which were colored by human shortcomings and idiosyncrasies. More often than not, confident women were the protagonists of his stories who were strong in their stead and defiant in nature while cocooned in a conservative Indian society. In a culture where adultery, rebellion, sorrow and death were a taboo, Tagore’s stories were progressive and brought a shift in the mindset of traditional Indian values


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In the first season, F.L.A.M.E.S. took us back to the first rush of love, the charm of old songs, and the antics that only came alive at tuition classes. With its second season, the show focused on the problems that most of us experienced in our first relationship – while also battling teenage hormones and parents’ expectations.


What is the best movie series in Bollywood? Mirzapur is the perfect answer for you. It is a typical gang war drama in which people are ready to go to any extent for securing power. Right from the first scene itself, this Indian web series establishes the world you’re in.

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Mirzapur is an Indian crime thriller web television series on Amazon Prime Video produced by Excel Entertainment. The series is primarily shot in Mirzapur, with some shots in Jaunpur, Azamgarh, Ghazipur, Lucknow, Gorakhpur and Varanasi. It revolves around drugs, guns and lawlessness. It depicts the putrescence, governance and rule of mafia dons and the rivalry and crime prevailing in the Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh. Its first season consists of 9 episodes in total.[3] The series has been renewed for a second season which will release in 2020.

What The Folks

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The web Indian series revolved around named Nikhil (Veer Rajwant Singh) who has to stay with his wife Anita’s (Eisha Chopra) parents for a while because of work. The web series is almost like a Saas-Bahu opera in reverse with Nikhil having to deal with his father-in-law’s love and rage. The web series also manages to give out a very important message. In Indian families, the daughter-in-law aka Bahu is never treated with respect while it is a sin to offend the ‘ladkewalas’.

Star Boyz

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While heroes with underwhelming stories are as rare in Indian cinema as original tracks, Star Boyz was a hilarious ‘space comedy’ that gifted us exactly that. And through the space misadventures of its lead characters, the audience is treated to the kind of wacky comedy that works because of Kenny and Naveen’s chemistry and surprisingly clever writing.


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Kaafir is a 2019 Indian web television series directed by Sonam Nair. Written by Bhavani Iyer, the series follows Kainaaz Akhtar, a woman from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir(illegally occupied Kashmir by Pakstan called POK) who winds up on the Indian side of the Line-of-Control (LOC), and is held prisoner under the suspicion of being a militant. After giving birth to a child while spending seven years in imprisonment, Kainaaz and her daughter are helped by an Indian journalist, who seeks to bring them justice

Cricket Fever : Mumbai Indians

Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians is a 2019 Indian sports documentary web series that follows the 2018 season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise, the Mumbai Indians, as they seek to defend their 2017 championship.

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Each episode is 40 minutes long and with each episode, you learn a little better about what goes into the making of a high profile IPL team. Shot inside dressing rooms, hotel rooms, conference rooms, through team meetings and net sessions, this documentary really makes you feel a part of the Mumbai Indians squad. While we’ve seen many documentaries like these covering teams from sports like football, rugby, basketball, and baseball, this was a first for a cricket team. Even though it’s slightly hampered with a weak background score and patchy edit in places, it surely will be a delight to watch for any cricket fan.

Here is a Top 8 best Bollywood movie series to watch. Wishing you have a good time with TeaTV.