Best AI Movies Of All Time For The Age Of Digital Transformation

The best AI movies of all time help humans imagine and prepare for the future. We compiled our favorite top 10 AI movies for a perfect movie night.

Will humans merge with machines and enter a new era of consciousness? And would AI spell the end of our world and become the new rulers of Earth? There are the most significant questions, and as we notice, the list of artificial intelligence films has a prominent place here. 


Grey, a mechanical engineer, who had a happy family with his hot wife Asha, suddenly lost everything in one night from his lover to his ability to function normally because of a strange group of people. In the anger of a broken heart, he agrees to implant a chip in his body to get back his manipulation ability and start a bloody revenge. The chip gives Grey an extraordinary but also controls his whole body. The way Grey depends on the manipulation and computation of the chip leads us to the question, whether this man is a human or a machine?


The story of Her is about Theodore, an introverted writer, and always gets trouble finding his true love. Theodore’s love changes when he meets Samantha, a computer voice. That way the love story of a human and a machine has started. In Her, AI doesn’t have a physical appearance but possesses a no-different humanity. Besides her natural sense of humor, Samantha is also a true friend of Theodore. She has helped him get over the obstacles of life. With Samantha by his side, Theodore seemingly has become a different person, a more optimistic, a more extrovert, open-minded man. There is a bond gradually formed between them that even normal couples desire to have. The movie brings us a clear message about the desire to connect and to have spiritual contact regardless of the circumstance of every lonely soul out there.

Child’s Play

The movie opens with a Vietnamese factory scene, where there are truly Vietnamese speakers working. At that place, a man broke the rule to create an extremely dangerous robot after being harshly exploited. After several changing owners, the evil robot fell into the hand of Andy and opened a bloody tragedy. Although this is a remake of the 1988 original movie, the Chucky version robot, with the full ability of a cold-blooded murderer, is not less quality than any of its predecessors, such as scaring its prey and then killing them savagely. With the support of technology, this robot expands fear by manipulating other electronic devices.


Steven Spielberg’s take on the issues of artificial intelligence and its relation to humans aims to be a comprehensive, all-encompassing, grandiose work – just as any other Spielberg feature from Jurassic Park to E.T. The emblematic movie director wants to explain how an artificial intelligence-based boy robot could work, what issues it might have with our species, and how technology could reinterpret such deeply human connections as the parent-children relationship. However, we had the sense that as it wants to say too much at once, it remains too broad-brushed.

Tron: Legacy

The movie takes place in The Grid, a future world where is always sparkled with neon lights. Tron Legacy is the spinoff of 1982 Tron. In this part, the movie follows the footsteps of Sam Flynn finding his father, Kelvin Flynn, who opened the gate to The Grid. At The Grid, Sam faces Clu, an A.I with the same appearance as Kelvin, was created by Kelvin to make everything from the beginning. Unfortunately, Clu betrayed Kelvin, directly making Kelvin stuck in The Grid for over 3 decades. Despite being released over 2 decades, Tron Legacy still makes any critical audience overwhelmed with its wonderful images and sounds. The glowing arenas, the fascinating chasings on the Rock and Punk theme will definitely give you goosebumps. 

I, Robot

In the “I, Robot” world, each robot is limited by 3 rules: not harm the human, obey the human orders, self-protection without violating 2 other rules. But when the latest crime case was assigned to detective Spooner, famous for hating and lacking belief in robots, making Spooner doubt the integrity of the 3 rules. Through the investigation, Spooner localizes and assists that the number 1 suspect is Sunny, the first and only robot that has emotion, is the personal robot of the victim, and also is the only thing next to the victim when he died. “I, Robot” brings us to the future world of 2035, where AI successfully creeps into human life. The silver lining of “I, Robot” is that in addition to the eye-popping action scenes, great performance of Will Smith at his peak time, there is also our consideration about AI’s role in the future of mankind, when every emotion is programmed by binary.


Christopher Nolan’s saga about the survival of humanity offers a perhaps surprising angle about artificial intelligence: it teaches audiences how to work together with an efficient A.I. system such as the TARS robot. It’s an excellent and very unique representation of a positive relationship between a human and an A.I.-powered machine. The robot’s design, the way it interacts with his human companions, and the fact that its personality, including honesty and humor levels, can be set manually make it the most mature depiction of the future of robots.

Ex Machina

Nietzsche’s famous sentence should be completed here with: ‘… and a robot killed it’. Ex Machina is the remake of classic tales about the creation surpassing its creator brought to the age of artificial intelligence. The movie goes way beyond the question of whether humans can create a robot with consciousness, and explores the relationship of Earthlings to such machines, and ponders on the nature of such intelligent creatures. Can an A.I. escape its black box if there are humans around? Well, Ex Machina says that it can, and humans might not be happy about it.

Blade Runner & Blade Runner 2049

Although the iconic movie and its most recent sequel, both starring Harrison Ford, has its own universe and works according to its own logic, it can still be linked to current concerns about technology and society. Could an artificial entity be more empathetic and more humane than humans themselves? Could it genuinely take care of our species or understand our greatest hopes and dreams? Is it possible for machines to dream? Could it have a memory in relation to which it cannot decide whether it’s true or false? Well, these movies offer scenarios where the answer to all these questions is positive.


The basic topic of this movie is similar to that one in Ex Machina: the nature of the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence, and whether we can trust our creations to do what’s best for us. Whether the machines surpass their creators whom they should serve and manipulate for their own interests. In Moon, the A.I.-powered robot GERTY works closely with the protagonist played brilliantly by Sam Rockwell. It takes care of Sam Bell, the lead character when he’s injured – but at the same time, it doesn’t necessarily act as the protagonist assumes it would.

What if we build technology that surpasses human intelligence? We all can’t answer this question exactly, but maybe with the best AI movies of all time, we can have some revelation for the future of humankind.