What Are Best X Files Episodes With The Creepiest Scenes?

Look back at the best x files episodes! They all have one element, creepy enough to wake you up at night with their scenes replay in your head.

The X File has long been an immortal monument among supernatural thriller/horror series. The series is also the inspiration for many famous TV series afterward, such as Lost, Fringe, Supernatural, Gravity Falls… So, today, I will help you recall horror memories of the old day with the best x files episodes. 


Squeeze/Tooms – The best x files season 1 episodes

Episode: Season 1 Ep 3, Season 1 Ep 21

[IMDB: 8,7 – 8.5 | Rotten Tomatoes: NR]

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Squeeze/Tooms are two episodes about a serial killer named Eugene Victor Tooms, who has a mutant ability to stretch his body into narrow cracks. Because of his exceptional physique, Tooms has an extremely low metabolism and need to eat human guts to live before going into hibernation every 30 years

Eugene is probably one of the most famous villains who bring success and reputation for the whole series.

Eugene’s modus operandi by creeping in the ventilation pipes, water pipes,… is probably an obsession in years for viewer after x file was broadcast.


Episode: Season 4 Ep 2

[IMDB: 9/10 | Rotten Tomatoes: NR]

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Home is one of the most controversial episodes of the x file. Our two agents were sent to a small town in Pennsylvania where the body of a disfigured infant was found.

After the investigation, Scully and Mulder discovered the secret of the Peacocks family: this family had inbreed for years to make new children. The baby was found a consequence of a relationship between a mother with her son.

This episode has spread obsession and has caused many controversies until now, even banned from broadcasting in some countries for sick content, this episode is still one of the best x files stand alone episodes.


Episode: Season 1 Ep 11

[IMDB: 8.2/10| Rotten Tomatoes: NR]

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Eve is another fascinating episode in the x file season 1. Season 1 is probably the best x files season with a lot of great episodes.

Eve used a familiar theme in horror movies: family. In this episode, there isn’t one but two murders. Our agents discovered that the two children of both victims were having the same appearance and even had a tendency to be killers. As it turns out, these two children are the production of the US government experiments on the so-called Super Warriors: the Litchfield Project.


Episode: Season 4 Ep 4

[IMDB: 8.2/10| Rotten Tomatoes: NR]

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The female victims were kidnapped and only found after having a brain lobe removal surgery. The only clue was distorted photos of victims.

Mulder immediately recognized this photographic technique called “Thoughtography” or mind photography which is images and thoughts of a person can be captured on photographs by psychic energy.

F. Emasculata

Episode: Season 2 Ep 22

[IMDB: 8,2/10| Rotten Tomatoes: NR]

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Scully and Mulder were sent to investigate a defection case at a prison in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. It turns out that this is just a charade of an inhumane pharmaceutical company to test a new drug against the mysterious disease caused by the parasite F. Emasculate.

When infected, the victim will quickly appear swollen pustules. When these pustules burst, germs will be spread into the environment.


Episode: Season 5 Ep 10

[IMDB: 7,7/10| Rotten Tomatoes: NR]

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Chinga is more special than others because it’s the corporation of The X File screenwriter with the horror king, Stephen King.

Scully was on a vacation in Maine, however, her leisure time was interrupted by several unusual supernatural phenomena. The source of all the horror that happens in this episode is a demon-possessed door of a little girl.


Episode: Season 5 Ep 4

[IMDB: 8,3/10| Rotten Tomatoes: NR]

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Mulder and Scully were sent to a “team-building” trip with two other FBI agents Michael Kinsley and Carla Stonecypher.

However, mysterious disappearances in Apalachicola National Forest (Florida) have attracted the attention of these agents.

The suspects are ancient Spanish generals, because of their greed, they were turned into half-human, half-tree demons and had to live hundreds of years in immortal darkness.


Episode: Season 2 Ep 20

[IMDB: 8,7/10| Rotten Tomatoes: NR]

what-are-best-x-files-episodes-with-the-creepiest-scenes (8)

Leonard and Lanny are twins. However, unlike his brother, Leonard is a mutated fetus and has to live in Lanny’s body.

Leonard has the ability to break out of his twin brother’s body to commit crimes. The murders quickly attracted the attention of Mulder and Scully, and another X-Files case start…


Episode: Season 8 Ep 10

[IMDB: 7,2/10| Rotten Tomatoes: NR]

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Badlaa means “revenge” in the Hindu. A lame, filthy Indian man is the monster of this episode! He has the ability to enter the body of victims through the anal cavity and then take over the victim’s body. Well, this is perhaps one of the episodes that make many people obsess about sit on the toilet for many days.

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