Top 6 best Thai movies 2019 that will chill you out

As fans of scary Thai movies, we’ve come up with the ultimate list of Best Thai Movies 2019. Let’s begin.

We’ve got something on this list of best Thai movies 2019 for you to make you laugh, maybe shed a tear or two, and give you lots of warm fuzzies. You know—what we all need right now.


Beginning of the list of best Thai movies 2019, we give you one of the most remarkable Thai movies in 2019. The story is simple about long-time friends Palm and Gink are in a situation many have found themselves in before: curious about what could be, but wanting to avoid ending a friendship. However, it is romantic and attractive and include funny scenes.  This is a must-watch for guys and girls, even you can watch it with your friends group.


Who out there is a fan of horror but including some action, fantasy element will definitely dive into this flick. Sisters is a story of two sisters who have lived with their father since their mother, a Krause hunter, died. Veena has to take care of her younger sister who has inherited the Krause curse. In the meantime, Mora is being closely watched by Ratree, queen of the Krause tribe, who is waiting to take revenge for her mother’s acts. Let’s Struggle up with your relatives and enjoy this movie.

The cave

The Cave has been kicking around markets for the better part of a year and finally made its premiere at Busan to a largely receptive audience. This is a Lifetime-style movie, and as such could have better success on cable and streaming platforms. The story about members of a boys soccer team is trapped in a cave, and rescue workers scramble to save isn’t new but in some aspect, it still extremely entertaining.

Krasue: Inhuman kiss

Thirdly is Krasue. This movie has a creative plot about an innocent girl inherits a curse that causes her head to detach from her body at night to hunt for human flesh, Inhuman Kiss is one of the outstanding horror movies in 2019. Moreover, this movie also features Krasue, though with a romantic twist. Compared with a lot of other Southeast Asian horrors, Inhuman Kiss’s production quality is pretty good. This movie definitely a fantastic fun-filled flick for you and friends.

Happy old year

Happy Old Year, directed by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit. This movie argues that everything we own is tied to a specific memory or person that deserves to be cherished. This is one of the best Thai movies 2019, nothing short of a miraculous achievement. A slow burner drama that is bound to gatecrash the concealed room of your emotions.

Where we belong

This is one of the best coming-of-age movies. Bell and Sue’s friendship felt fresh and bittersweet. The movie also brilliantly captures the dilemmas of identity, family responsibility, loss, cost of lies, and the process of growing up. The film never drags nor rushes but lets each scene breath and form its own emotion. Shot brilliantly and edited and scored, it’s worth watching. If you love coming of age movies and expect something different, we think you will love it.

We dedicated our roundup of best Thai movies 2019. Join VivaTV and enjoy these movies with your family.