What Are Best Romantic TV Series Hollywood To Fall Hard For?

If you are in the mood for romance-fueled TV Shows, we have got you covered. This is our roundup of the best romantic TV series Hollywood.

There is nothing better than a little love to keep a series interesting, exciting or so romantic. We put a wide range from forbidden love to romantic drama that will fit all your mood. Let’s check out the best love story TV series Hollywood!

Emily in Paris

Lily Collins stars in this romantic comedy series as Emily Cooper, a marketing exec from Chicago who relocates to Paris after landing her dream job and discovers a world of high fashion, work challenges, and love interests.

Grey’s Anatomy

If you haven’t yet met McDreamy or McSteamy, we have no idea what you’re waiting for. Romance meets drama meets scalpels in this stunningly successful show from Shonda Rhimes—it’s on its 16th season, so you know they’re doing something right.

The Great

This reimagined history of Catherine the Great is irreverent, hilarious, tragic, and at times, hopelessly romantic. Originally determined to make her new husband Peter fall in love with her, Catherine soon realizes she could never love a man like him. Luckily, Peter is just fine with gifting Catherine with her own paramour, Leo—and before she knows it, she’s choosing between her love for Leo and her determination to save Russia from her husband.

Vampire Diaries

There’s nothing we love more in a romantic TV show than a sexy love triangle, and The Vampire Diaries really delivers. Sixteen-year-old Elena is dreading the start of a new school year in Mystic Falls, Virginia. After the recent death of her parents, she’s unprepared to put on a brave face at school. When she meets handsome, sensitive, and mysterious Stefan, things start looking up. But Elena has no idea the chaos Stefan is about to introduce into her world. He’s an ancient vampire, one of many in Mystic Falls. And his devilish brother Damon has designs on Elena too.


This imaginative, inclusive sci-fi drama from the Wachowski sisters follows a group of strangers who abruptly become emotionally and mentally linked sensates. As each of them grows increasingly connected to members of their sensate cluster, we see them all evolve as friends and romantic partners.

Gilmore Girls

Though the heart of this show is the mother-daughter relationship between Lorelai and Rory, we still get butterflies whenever we see Luke looking longingly at Lorelai—and we’re always up for a debate about which one of Rory’s boyfriends she was really meant to be with. If you’ve never seen this fast-talking romantic drama, then you should pour yourself a cup of coffee and be prepared to binge-watch.

So, Which Hollywood TV series is best? Watch these best romantic tv series Hollywood and find this question answered.