Here Are Top 10 Netflix Best Series 2020 To Binge On This Holiday

What is the most viewed show on Netflix 2020? What are some Netflix suggestions? We’re confident after reading this article you’ll find a must-watch show you don’t already know about. We won’t spoil anything, just some hinted information to ensure you will find something that shapes your taste.

The Crown 4

Genres: Biography | Drama | History

The Crown’s fourth outing is the show back at its best. You may well come to it for the visual feast of Diana and Thatcher, but you’ll leave with lots of food for thought – the mark of great telly.

Dark 3

Genres: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller

One of the most mind-melting shows on television, and possibly the most unique Netflix original, Dark finishes its run with peak writing, shocking conclusions, and a bittersweet sense of finality.

The Queen Gambit

Genres: coming-of-age period drama

This isn’t merely a series about a chess player, but it is more about her journey there and the heavy and deep emotions that take you through the path is what makes this a must-watch Netflix series 2020

Kingdom 2

Genres: Action | Drama | Horror | Thriller

Kingdom, with its second season, continues the greatness of the first season and delivers a satisfying, bloody good time. It’s beautiful, it’s bloody, and showcases how Korea continually increases the bar for zombie productions.

Emily In Paris

Genres: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Emily In Paris is one of the most watchable new shows on Netflix this fall. The story about a young American woman from the Midwest who is hired by a marketing firm in Paris to provide them with an American perspective on things. If you are really into travel, fashion, feminism, comedy, and romance stuffs, so this shows is what you need after a long working day.

Sex Education 2

Genres: Comedy | Drama

Sex Education season two is flawless. Genuinely. From beginning to end, from the first shot in the first episode to the last in the finale, not a single moment is wasted. Not a single character development or plot twist feels un-earned.

Get on this show right now to accompany our main characters to figure out love, dating, and hookups, though new plotlines.

Sweet Home

Genres: Drama | Fantasy | Horror | Thriller

Webtoons are finally getting their shine this year with a slew of anime and live-action adaptations with more planned beyond 2020. The latest of these is the Netflix Original Sweet Home. Based on the hit Webtoons series of the same name written by Carnby Kim and illustrated by Youngchan Hwang, Sweet Home offers up horror, mystery, and thrilling twists grounded in emotional attachment to the large cast of characters.

Alice In Borderland

Genres: Action | Fantasy | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Are we in the mood these days to see dystopian shows taking place in abandoned cities? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean that shows of this nature, produced pre-pandemic, won’t try to get our attention. Maybe they’ll even break through our ennui with a plot or characters that will hold our interest. Alice in Borderland is probably one of them with all of this show achievement. And there is no doubt why it takes a place on the list of Netflix best series 2020. 

I Am Not Okay With This

Genres: Comedy | Sci-Fi

I Am Not Okay With This is an easy-to-watch coming-of-age series. The series follows Sydney (It star Sophia Lillis), a teenager attempting to navigate the complexities of high school and her budding sexuality while also struggling to understand and control a newfound supernatural ability. 

13 Reasons Why 4

Genres: Drama | Mystery | Thriller

The ending of this list is a controversial series for its latest season. But, somehow, this is still one of Netflix best series 2020.

Season 4 exhibits some of the best and worst qualities that 13 Reasons Why has to offer as it attempts to close this chapter once and for all. It’s not always successful, but it does have its moments, offering up some refreshing character journeys along the way. As for some of the more infuriating moments, they are, as always, elevated by an incredibly talented cast.