Viva TV Apk – Best free app to watch movies on Android

Viva TV Apk is the #1 choice for watching online movies free. But What is VivaTV? Is VivaTV safe to use? Let’s look for the answer in this article.

When we’re too tired to go to the cinema this evening but still want some movie for entertainment, there will be the same question appear in our mind: What’s on Netflix? But wait! There is so much more you could be doing to maximize your home movie viewing, something not Netflix. So, movie fans, let’s us offer you VivaTV App, a non-Netflix and chill option, for streaming movies online.

What is Viva TV App?

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First of all, for those who are new to this app, Viva TV for Android is a platform that provides almost the latest free movies and is the latest add-on with movies and TV shows in full HD 1080p, or even 4K. OK, that sounds similar to its counterparts, but there are a lot of features that make Viva TV a one-stop platform or an unforgettable experience for any movie addicts.

Is VivaTV safe to you?

Some people will consider if VivaTV Apk app is safe for their device. But you don’t have to worry about that because you will download this app on the original site of the creator, it’s completely safe and reliable. Apk is the file extension of the android app. Any android app has the extension Apk. If you download the Apk file from a genuine or reliable place like google play store or the developer’s original site then there should not be an issue.

Download and enjoy Viva TV Apk for Android via: Viva TV

What features do we get on Viva TV?

  • This is some outstanding features that I got during my first taste of the Viva TV Apk: 

No limited movie library, offers thousands of movies from various sources and a wide range of genres: For movie freaks, we will give priority to a place where can find any movies in any genre we love. The Viva TV digital collection provides access to thousands of hottest movies and even TV shows, make sure you will have a perfect night with your best fit

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New movies and TV show update every day: If you’re looking for a free app AND free content of the latest movies that barely hit the theatres, as well, if you missed last night’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead and you wanna catch up on the latest episode of your favorite series, Viva TV is the app that I would prefer for you to download

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Support high-quality content: In the case of one particular customer understanding, absolutely is VivaTV developer. They know what customers need and integrate what they think is good for users on their streaming service. Their high-resolution content is an example. Users can find any movie or TV show you want, at 1080p and even 4K movie quality with better contrast and color which will ensure satisfy any taste

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  • And a lot of other great features you can discover during your experience:

Lightweight app for a smooth experience on any device: When you streaming movies on Viva TV apk, you don’t have to worry about some popular issues like video Lag, stutter, or glitches. I haven’t seen any of that problem during my 1 week trial with this app. Everything remains stable and runs smoothly.

Explore movies with a simple interface and a broad look at all of the hottest movies suggestions at that time: A simplified interface with simple stuffs is one of VivaTV strengths with its competitors. The app requires no login before using, all you need is click on the app and enjoy your favorite movies. This service works based on user behavior and offers, your watch history will be saved on Trakt, then Viva TV analyzes what you watched to make relevant collections for your hobbies and show them on the home page.

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The Home page gives a broad look at all of the main options. Here you’ll find: Quick links at the top, Suggested movies based on your watch history, your recently played movies, movie suggestions based on the day of the week or special holidays, top movie lists. You may see more or fewer options than listed above because the Home page is customized based on your listening behavior.

Offer download option for offline experience: Viva TV real-debrid service which is an unrestricted downloader that allows you to quickly download files. If you go out and don’t have internet on your phone, and still want some movies for entertainment. Viewers, you’re in the right place. Viva TV support downloading online for that demand and ensure high speed downloading process. 

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Customize your own watch list: Moreover, You can create for yourself your own collection and included movies you liked with. All you need is open the app, click on the 3 dashes in the upper right of the screen, then choose “collection”. I think it a very useful list for the viewers to easily watch their favorite flicks whenever they use the app. 

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What it’s like to use Viva TV Apk?

Using the platform feels like second nature. Even if you’re new to it, it’s pretty user-friendly: Open the app, you’ll see a homepage. You’ll see Popular Picks for You, Continue Watching, Trending Picks for you, and a number of (sometimes oddly specific) other categories based on shows you’ve watched before.

Viva TV’s design encourages scrolling – there are so many different categories to look through, and then shows and movies within those categories to continue scrolling into. You can create a watch list to help you cut down on this, but the vast, colorful library makes it easy to spend more time looking through options than actually watching a show, so be careful.

When you select a show or movie to watch, you have the option to several movie quality from 360p to 4k. If you have a 4K device, watching in Ultra HD makes for a very cinematic experience. The show or movie you choose will also show up in your “Continue watching” section at the top of your homepage for easier access.

Thanks to the ease of use, lack of commercials, and high-quality content, Viva TV Apk remains one of the best TV and movie streaming services.