Here are 5 Of Best Family New Year’s Eve Movies On Netflix

Since New Year come, you’ll need some family new year’s eve movies on Netflix to have your own family movie-watching party. Here is our list that will pique your interest.

What family friendly movies are on Netflix? What are good netflix movies to watch new year’s eve? This article will definitely give you the best answer.

Love, Guaranteed

We’ll start with the light-hearted rom-com that is perfect for Rachael Leigh fans. Love, Guaranteed focuses on a good-natured lawyer who is struggling to pay the bills. When a client comes to her to sue the creators of one of the biggest dating apps, she can’t help but say yes.

Of course, with that comes this lawyer falling in love with her client. Does it break ethics? Well, yes, but that’s not the point of these types of rom-com, right? We just want to know that it’s possible to find love. We need something positive to end the year, and this is the movie to offer just that.


Now it’s time for a movie for the whole family. Canvas is a short movie, coming in at just nine minutes long. However, it’s the one of best family new year’s eve movies on Netflix that you’ll spend with the kids.

The movie is about a grandfather who hasn’t painted since the death of his wife. Painting was a passion for this man, but he’s lost the love for it in his grief. His granddaughter helps him get his passion back, forming a bond that can never be taken away.

ET the Extra-Terrestrial

Now it’s time for another movie for the entire family. This one is a little longer, but it’s still a good one.

ET the Extra-Terrestrial is one that you’ve watched over and over again. It pops up on Netflix now and then, and it’s one of the Netflix movies leaving Netflix tomorrow. So, now is a good time to watch it.

It’s another feel-good movie, and the children are sure to enjoy it. Join Elliot on the journey to get ET back home.

Back to the Future

Want to just pretend that 2020 never happened? Would you love to go back in time to change everything? Back to the Future gives you a chance to pretend you get to go back.

Follow Marty McFly to the 1950s, where he needs to take steps to ensure his parents still get together. If he doesn’t, he and his siblings will never be born. The other two movies are also available, and they’re just as awesome as the first.

Nothing has captured time travel in the way that the Back to the Future movies have, and you can watch all three to see the New Year in with your family.

The Prom

Just because the year has been bad doesn’t mean you don’t want glitz and glamor on New Year’s Eve. So, there’s only one movie to check out right now. The Prom is a star-studded fanfare.

Is it perfect? No. Is it fun? Oh yes!

The movie focuses on a group of struggling Broadway performers who head to the midwest to give a teenage girl a chance to go to her prom with her girlfriend. It’s also from the one and only Ryan Murphy. You should know what to expect with him at the helm.

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Which family new year’s eve movies on netflix are you watching? Let us know in the comment section bellow.