Live Action Anime Movies You Can’t Afford To Miss

Even if live action anime movies are not received by fans, but that doesn’t the movie industry given up with this potential resource. Today, we selected the best 7 that we think will worth watching. 

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Inuyashiki Live Action

In “Inuyashiki,” an alien encounter mutates two unsuspecting characters — one, a decrepit salaryman, the other, a neighborhood teenager — into indestructible cyborgs, but contrary to genre conventions, it’s the kid who turns evil, leaving the wussy old codger to save the day. Adapted from a manga by Hiroya Oku, this Japanese genre effort is ably directed by Shinsuke Sato, who foregrounds interpersonal relationships and human emotion over action and effects.

Terra Formars Live Action

Terra Formars has an extensive array of manga and an anime adaptation with 13 episodes from 2014. Its live-action film came out in 2016, and the filming actually took place in Iceland. It is another film made by Takashi Miike, and it is not as well done as Blade of the Immortal, but it still sticks its head just above the water as a solid live-action anime film.

Some critics have called this film underrated, while others say it keeps them entertained but nothing more. There are also a few who say that the film is so bad that it is good.

Gintama Live Action

It’s glorious, hilarious madness and it’s a little eerie how well the Gintama live-action film finds the right tone and perfectly replicates scenes from right out of the anime. It almost feels like an Edgar Wright vehicle at times. Gintama features plenty of fun battles, but its humor is really the selling point. The movie gets meta in a way that becomes even stronger and more hilarious due to the film construct that it’s happening within.

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action

The first live-action film of Rurouni Kenshin was so well-received in 2012 that it two sequels in 2014, with more possibly coming in the future. One aspect that sets it apart from other live-action anime films is its fast and well-done choreography with its sword fights. Another is that it treats its source material, the manga, and anime, with respect. The positive reviews prove that even non-Rorouni Kenshin fans can find enjoyment in these live-action films.

Attack On Titan Live Action

Although there is several harsh comment about it, this still one of the bestlive action anime movies. I understand how the people who criticize the movie feel. However, this live-action adaptation is truly the first step of the ‘attack’ of Japanese sci-fi action movies. Making this first step is what really matters. In the original story of Attack on Titan, many characters have learned the ways to battle with the Titans by going through countless pains. Likewise, the Japanese people are to learn the ways to create a splendid Japanese sci-fi action movie by watching this live-action adaptation.

Death Note Live Action

Death Note is an ultra-popular property because there’s such an inherently basic premise as its core: a deadly game of cat-and-mouse breaks out after a new Death Note comes into play, names start getting written down, and bodies start to drop. There’s a reason that the series has been adapted to live-action several time over, but the versions that have been the most successful and captured the overwhelming spirit of the anime are Death Note and the follow-up Death Note: The Last Name. These films don’t muddle their messages and know to focus on the dangerous dynamic between L and Light. The relationships matters, consequences hurt, and it understands when it get serious and when to play up the melodrama. Willem Dafoe may make a great Ryuk in the Netflix version, but it’s hard to argue that these live-action versions of the film find a scary way to bring this demon to life.

Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action

It’s worth a watch, and, as an entry point to raise interest in the originals, it might serve a greater purpose. It is faithful to the anime but you have to watch the anime to get a grip on what’s going on. If you do, the movie is fantastic. The acting was solid and they didn’t skimp out with the CGI. It wasn’t exaggeration to say that this is the best live action anime movies.