Thailand horor movies are full of superstitious tales of woe, gruesome deaths, and psychological thrillers that make the storylines in American horror films pale in comparison. Here are Top 5 best Thailand horror movies 2018 out there, so have your safety blanket and adult diapers at the ready.


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Homestay – #1 choice in the best thailand horror movies 2018 list.When “Temporary Body” is a wonderful award from heaven. Min has 100 days to change his life. Homestay was based on the Japanese novel Colorful, but we can’t help but think that the Chinese film Beautiful Accident may have also inspired the story. While other critics gave the film mixed reviews, we believe that Homestay is a good reminder for us to value our time on earth and treasure those around us. Homestay impressively combine movie genres: fantasy, horror, thriller, romantic, drama and comedy with the unusual plot and some outrageous twists will certain leave its viewers entertained. This is a movie that deserves to be one of the best thailand horror movies 2018.

3 AM: Part 3

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This is the best Thai horror movies 2018 for every hornor movies lovers. The new horror ensemble from Five Star continues the journey into the darkest and scariest hour of the night: 3AM. When man and spirit, the living and the dead, find each other again. Presented in three different short movies revolving around a similar theme: a sinister presence when the clock strikes 3.00 am. The first story is about Pim, a toll collector working the night shift. Alone, she is terrorised by an evil spirit determined to take her life. The next story is regarding Tan who wants to get out from his relationship with his insisting ex-girlfriend. One night, he meets a seductive woman who puts a spell on him to haunt him. Lastly, a TV director is unprofessional in his work and constantly makes his crew unhappy. This prompts them to deceive him with a heinous prank. One night, their prank on him is about to start but they don’t know that he has just died in an accident.


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Viral is really an updated version of The Ring, but minus the finesse and scares. In the midst of playing an augmented game called Ghost Hunt, Tang (Ploy Sornarin) captures a spirit photo and excitedly shares it with her friends. One by one, they start seeing the female ghost in their environment.


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Soon after a mysterious-ritual ceremony has been performed in a house, there are several chilling and inexplicable events happening which allegedly relate to haunting-spirit possession influencing house members into violence. While horror is a main staple of Thai cinema, “Reside” is a rarity in that it is pitched as a new form of exorcism drama. It stars Ananda Everingham and Ploy Sornnarin, Supannahongsa best supporting actress prize-winner for her role in 2017’s “Siam Square.”

Love Rain

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The last candidate on top 5 thai hornor movies 2018 is Love Rain. After spending money like there is no tomorrow, Gab’s parents decide to teach him a lesson by no longer sending him money. With no cash in hand, Gab is forced to work as a part time cashier at a convenient store. While there, he stumbles upon Som, at the same time every night. After finding her in a wet suit in the store, Gab learns that Som has been following him and that only he can communicate with her. Wanting to know what happened to her, Gab sets out to investigate Som’s life and figure out how to help her.

Horror movies might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but the adrenaline-pumping, heart-racing feeling that you get while watching one is irreplaceable, so why not indulge in your fears and check out our Top 10 creepy and best thailand horror movies 2018 above that are sure to leave you nervous for many days.

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