What is the best alternative to Netflix 2019? Is there app like Netflix but free for Android? Fortunately, Viva TV is one of the great options for you.

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No doubt, with more than 120 million paying subscribers worldwide, Netflix is currently the king of online video streaming industry. However, the monthly fee charged for this service is not reasonable and is likely to increase. Many people around the world are continuously looking for Netflix alternative free. Fortunately, Viva TV is one of the great options for them.

Viva TV: Best free Netflix alternative app for Android 2019

The best option that you need to consider for the question “What other apps are like Netflix?” is Viva TV. Viva TV is an application for streaming and downloading Movies and TV shows for Android, Windows & macOS – It’s like Netflix but free. This application provides users with instant access to tons of rare and ultra classic movies across different genres. The content on this application is regularly updated, so there is always something new to watch for users. It is necessary that Viva TV is legal and does not host or re-up anything. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t re-up the video any elsewhere.

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Viva TV has user-friendly features that Neflix does not have. You do not need to have an account when using TV Tea APK. This app has been built from the ground up with performance in mind for the fast and efficient experience to surfing your collection. It also supports many versions for users. Viva TV works on Android, Mac OSX 10.7 & above, Windows 7 & above. Especially, it is a wonderful way of watching movies and videos content on bigger screen using Viva TV for Fire TV/ Firestick. This app has been customized to display on the large screens and is completely compatible with the Firestick remote. Professional looking, easy to use interface design, working based on user behaviorn … This is definitely a Netflix alternative free on FireTV/ Fire Stick you can not ignore.

The great integration with Viva TV will let you have streamed subtitles right in the app while you watch the show. Just Login with opensubtitles.org then get subtitles ( There are many languagues are available) and it’s totally free. Additionally, Viva TV will make your experience more enjoyable by integrating both a Real-debrid ( It will provide you with numerous links in 720 and even 1080p High Definition) and Trakt.tv account ( This feature can sync your favorite content across multiple platforms ) within the app. Because of these great utilities, many people have recognized that Viva TV is the best free netflix alternative app for their entertainment.

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Like other apps like Netflix but free, Viva TV relies on ads for revenue. So that, you will have to deal with a number of ads while watching. However, Viva TV’s development team has reduced the number of ads to a minimum. Because it’s free so have fun with that. Besides, to experience your movie watching is the best, you will need to use VPN application. The VPN works seamlessly with Viva TV, and you won’t encounter any buffering due to reduced speeds.

From the article above, you can find the answer to question What app is like Netflix but free for Android? Finally please note that this application has many mod version that is not supported by Viva TV developer team. The only solution for you is to download Viva TV – Netflix alternative free from official website.

>>> Download all versions at: https://vivatv.io/

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